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Easter special

Free Easter Bunny clip art

Free Easter Bunny clip art for your Easter holiday greetings. You may use this image for non-commercial purposes for free.

Extras: Coloring book pictures and bunny icon

Osterhase zum Buntmalen - Easter Bunny coloring bookFree coloring book page with the Easter Bunny saying "I was painted by ______" available for download. Simply print it out and let your kids have fun.

Additional Download: Easter Bunny Icon.

Easter Bunny

In Germany the Easter Bunny (Osterhase) hides painted eggs and sometimes sweets or little presents in the garden or the living room on Easter sunday. Sometimes he even goes so far as to hide eggs in the woods for the kids to be found while taking a walk with their parents.So it's no wonder, Easter is quite a popular holiday among little children. I have no idea, whether this custom is known abroad, too. But it's a funny habit, erh, I mean rabbit, in any way, isn't it?Easter Bunny motif number 2

In case you need to distract your kids: Here's a coloring book picture of above mentioned bunny. You can print it out and keep the kids busy while you go and negotiate with the Easter Bunny where to hide the eggs. There's another Easter Bunny image available.

Source code

Copy and paste the following HTML code if you want to display the large Easter Bunny cartoon character on your non-commercial website for free:

<a href="http://www.toonworkshop.com/free/clipart/cartoon/easter/index.php">
<img src="http://www.toonworkshop.com/free/clipart/cartoon/easter/easter-bunny600px.jpg" alt="Easter Bunny cartoon (Osterhase)" border="0" />



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